Project: The Invisible Picture
Client: Samsung
Year: 2021



The Frame is versatile and allows the unusual use for a TV, time for people to get to know the magic of personalization up close. From a distance it might look like a picture, up close it might be whatever you want.

We are going to install The Frame in a museum with

a famous work. Infrared lights and a glass frame will ''protect'' the frame, but not people's curiosity. Some of them can observe the work from afar, but whoever has the courage to get close can see the magic happen. When approaching the painting, smoke engulfs the structure which, as it disappears, shows that the work has disappeared and the canvas is camouflaged with the wall, causing surprise in passersby. One might think that their action made

the frame go away, but that's all the frame's personalization technology that shows only what

you want to see, or not.

Artboard 1 copy.png
tela mensagem.png

Directional: Global Video Samsung ''The Frame '' TV